More and more guests are looking for truly comfortable relaxation in spaces outside hotels, especially by the pools.

A significant proportion of guests are happy to pay for this extra comfort.

A significant proportion of guests are happy to pay for this extra comfort. Our research shows that hotels around the world rent out daybeds, canopies and gazebos for an average of USD 3-400 per day. The figures vary considerably (between USD 100 and USD 1,000).

We recommend renting out our products at similar prices, so that they pay off in 6 months at the most. It is also worth looking at wowWood products as an INVESTMENT because hotels that have such products will stand out from their competitors and will receive the best possible guest feedback, generating additional guest numbers and profit.

What makes our furniture so special?
The secret is that...

100% unique and HANDCRAFTED

wowWood products are made with the greatest possible care by skilled craftsmen, in unique colors, just for you. Whether it’s the welding of the metal frame, the crafting of the wooden center console, the upholstery work, or even the special way the wood is treated, the beauty and durability of each element is testament to the skill of the experienced craftsmen that make them.

With all our knowledge and strength, we strive to create the best and most beautiful products possible. Every day we are guided by one goal, to create something that is different from everything else on the market.
At wowWood we feel that if we can't create something truly special every day that there’s no point even doing it...


wowWood's outdoor products represent both LUXURY and SMART solutions. We strive for the best possible quality, both in terms of the materials we use and what we do with them. It took us more than a year to design our first products due to the high expectations of our most demanding customers.

We didn't only think about traditional smart solutions, such as fast phone charging, USB ports, sockets, and lighting with a twilight switch, but also about some more exciting solutions. The cupholders are smart, as they drain rainwater, but the fabric is also smart, because on average it heats up 16 degrees less in the sun than other fabrics. We believe that lots of people will consider the built-in waste bin a smart solution as well.


Our products are fully resistant to extreme weather and almost every possible external condition, including winds of up to 150 km/h, heavy rain lasting several days, and strong UV radiation. All the parts of our furniture, including the wood and upholstery, are waterproof and UV resistant.

When creating our products, we adapted to the weather conditions experienced in different parts of the world. Whether it’s 45 degrees with strong sunshine, or whether it's been raining for weeks, wowWood products can withstand it. Of course, the wood needs to be cared for, but at the same time, the furniture will thank you for this small investment, radiating its original beauty even many years later.

Made of 100% real, solid HARDWOOD

The wood we use is FSC certified and comes from Europe's largest and best-known wood trading companies. We only use real wood, with its wonderful look, touch and smell. They say that every piece of timber lives on, moves and breathes decades after being processed. For us, making furniture from real, solid wood means LIFE, VITALITY and NATURE. Everything that is REAL.

You can choose to have your wowWood product made from exotic woods, such as GARAPA, SAPELE MAHOGANY, IROKO, MERANTI DARK RED, etc., but you can also choose the reliable old EUROPEAN OAK. Thanks to our special surface-treatment technology, our products retain their beauty for many years.


Compared to other luxury outdoor daybeds and sunbeds on the market, our products have many additional functions. The main reason for this is that when we were developing them, we focused on protecting you from the inconveniences that come with buying a below-par product.

Where can you put your mobile phone if you want to go for a swim? Where can you put your waste? If your phone or laptop is out of battery, where can you charge it? How can you keep your drink cool? Is the bed uncomfortable, is the mattress too thin? No packing areas, no towel hanger?... We believe that every wowWood product will provide the best possible answers to these questions! 100% functionality with MAXIMUM comfort.

You already know, why. Question is: which one to choose?
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smart daybed with pergola

smart daybed

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